Diamonds are forever and with some simple care you can ensure they are preserved for years to come. Store diamonds jewels in such a way that each piece is separated from the next so they cannot scratch each other. Different stones have different hardnesses and softer stones and metals can easily be scratched by harder stones. Diamonds are the hardest material and should be stored individually and should not be in contact with other diamonds. Diamonds are best stored in the box in which they came in or a soft fabric pouch.
Diamonds should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Do not use harsh detergents or alcohol. Rings can be cleaned regularly to maintain the sparkle of the diamond and also remove any germs and hand cream that may be trapped behind the setting. Even though diamonds are hard-wearing, it is recommended that you do not wear them whilst carrying out hard labour work.



All gemstones are very precious and you must protect them by avoiding contact with abrasive surfaces and impact against hard surfaces. It is best to store gemstones separately, ideally in the box in which they were received or in a soft fabric pouch. If carrying our hard labour work, we advise taking off your jewellery to protect your gemstones.
To clean your gemstones, it is best to use a soft, lint-free cloth. However, soap, water and liquid cleaners must not be used on certain gemstones, so it is best to contact Customer Service if you are unsure. Please also avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your gemstones as this may dull the stone and cause erosion.


You can use a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain your gold and platinum jewellery. Use a soft cloth to polish your gold regularly and store it separately from other metals to avoid discolouration. Both 18 carat white gold and platinum rings may need re-polishing depending on the level of wear and tear. Do not let your gold jewellery come into contact with household bleach as this will cause the gold to discolour and possibly even disintegrate. Try to avoid wearing platinum and white gold rings side by side because the softness of each metal differs. To avoid your gold tarnishing, always remove jewellery when you go swimming - the chlorinated water can damage the surface of the metal. It is also recommended that you remove your gold when applying perfume and hairspray and using cleaning products. It is recommended that you do not wear your gold or platinum jewellery whilst carrying out hard labour work as precious metals can scratch and dent when they come into contact with harder elements.