Aigle Volant


Aigle Volant

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Stone Lab Sapphire + Lab Diamond
Metal 18k White Gold

Experience the epitome of elegance with these exquisite blue sapphire earrings, adorned with dazzling diamond simulate wings. Each earring features a brilliant blue sapphire, carefully selected for its rich hue and exceptional clarity. Surrounding the sapphire, delicate diamond simulate wings sparkle with every movement, adding a touch of celestial beauty to the design. Set in lustrous white gold, these earrings are a perfect blend of classic sophistication and modern allure, making them a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

Cut Carat Colour Clarity
Lab Sapphire +
Lab Diamond
Excellent 7.00

Lab Sapphire + Lab Diamond 18K White Gold


Lab Sapphire: Indistinguishable from earth-mined sapphires, lab-created sapphires possess the same physical, optical, and chemical properties. They exhibit the same dazzling sparkle and captivating beauty as their natural counterparts.

Moissanite: Virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds, these lab-created gems offer exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost. Their brilliance is so remarkable that they even pass diamond tester examinations.

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