Amour Éternel Sapphire


Amour Éternel Sapphire

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Stone Lab Sapphire + Lab Diamond
Band 18K White Gold
Size 3

Showcasing an exquisitely vivid hue known as royal blue, this bespoke setting draws attention to the refined beauty of its centerpiece: an 8.85-carat cushion-cut lab-created sapphire. Encircling the finger, a double moissanite band gracefully parts to frame the deep blue sapphire, accented by elegant pear-shaped moissanite side stones.

Cut Carat Colour Clarity
Lab Sapphire + Lab Diamond Excellent 8.85 D VS1

Lab Sapphire + Lab Diamond 18K White Gold Band


Lab Sapphire: Indistinguishable from earth-mined sapphires, lab-created sapphires possess the same physical, optical, and chemical properties. They exhibit the same dazzling sparkle and captivating beauty as their natural counterparts.

Lab Diamond: Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural mined diamonds, with their origin being the only difference.

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